Display Bug

iPhone 8Plus with iOS 15.5
Revolut App: 8.56
System language: Norsk bokmål

Why the extra “-” in front of the currency? Please fix.

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This is not the place to get an answer or report a bug with the app…


Already done but nobody cares…

Hi @zapata :wave:

Sorry to hear you are facing a bug in your app :frowning_face:

Has this been solved? If not, would you be able to reach out to me? :eyes:

Also, in order to report a Bug in your app, you can always go to Profile - Help - Report Bug :bug:

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Yes, the problem is already fixed. Thanks. But there is no option “Report Bug”.

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Submit feedback – Report issues – Technical issue (bug)

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Haha, this option is only available if language is set to English. If the language is set to “Norsk bokmål” or “German”… there is only a option for “Tell us, how we can can improve” and it’s not clickable. This is on the iPhone. On my Android App this option is not available at all.

How to I remove all the links to Revolut from my phone contacts? How did these get created? What did I accept that set these up?