Display Bug

iPhone 8Plus with iOS 15.5
Revolut App: 8.56
System language: Norsk bokmål

Why the extra “-” in front of the currency? Please fix.

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This is not the place to get an answer or report a bug with the app…


Already done but nobody cares…

Hi @zapata :wave:

Sorry to hear you are facing a bug in your app :frowning_face:

Has this been solved? If not, would you be able to reach out to me? :eyes:

Also, in order to report a Bug in your app, you can always go to Profile - Help - Report Bug :bug:

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Yes, the problem is already fixed. Thanks. But there is no option “Report Bug”.

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Submit feedback – Report issues – Technical issue (bug)

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Haha, this option is only available if language is set to English. If the language is set to “Norsk bokmål” or “German”… there is only a option for “Tell us, how we can can improve” and it’s not clickable. This is on the iPhone. On my Android App this option is not available at all.