Disgraceful service



I signed up to your premium service and I don’t know what I am getting for it. You claim I’m entitled to 24/7 support. That is not true I have messaged you 5-6 times asking what’s going on with my verification despite you having been sent and you confirming you have received my documents.

I had to make a critical payment which I haven’t and still cannot do. What kind of banking service is this ? How can I work with no idea when and if I can make payments? And on top of this I am paying you a premium fee for this non existent service !


Hi there.

I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. An agent will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

Thanks for your patience.


You haven’t answered my question?

Why has it taken so long and why charge for a premium service if it’s not.

I was meant to send this payment yesterday it was urgent and although someone has now been in touch (I had to post on here for someone to acknowledge me) they are now going to take time to sort whatever they are doing out

It really isn’t acceptable


I have made a formal complaint it’s 7pm and I have wasted time with your agent to a ridiculous conclusion

And a payment deadline has been missed

I want a refund of my fee and to cancel my account with you


Maybe you should contact :r: using Twitter/Facebook or give them a call.

The community is not created for all individual problems I think as you only have a complaint regarding the Revolut Customer Service


Note the forum topic : FEEDBACK !!

I don’t have twitter or Facebook and they don’t bother to answer the in house chat

If they did then I wouldn’t be on here !


And you can’t call them they don’t have a phone number for customer service only lost cards


Hey @Revs :slight_smile:

Try typing “Resolved” in the chat and see if anything happens. Else, you can still email them at feedback ( at ) revolut.com I believe :wink:


One thing I don’t understand is: if you have to make a CRITICAL payment, why do you not use your standard bank, but rely on a E-Money Service like Revolut?


That’s what Revolut should strive to achieve: offering peace of mind, clarity, confidence, guarantee and a reliable service to their customers. Otherwise it will end-up being an app for kids while we will always revert to traditional banking when there is something critical or serious. I really hope Revolut will make it.



They have sent me a complaint form now

They also have a bug with withdrawals as well again no one responds or fixes it on chat

I wasn’t expecting this level of poor service when I signed up