disgrace support


You card get denied 3 times, the i request support, I am still waiting… I had to pay with another card. Now, still no one of support shown up, and I see you charged me. Are you serious. Reach me now and fix what you have screwed


We’re extremely sorry for the delay. Support has been under extremely heavy traffic and we are doing our best to get back to everyone asap.

I have written you a private message to take a look into this!


Apology are not enought when you are stuck in front of a desk of hotel were you have to pay 390 euro.

Be forced after 3+ attempts to pay with another card that will me cost fee and after 5 minutes see that you took money from my account

Be reached, after 3 hours, from a very umpleasnt employ of yours that have no clue and telling me that the funds will be shortly returned on my account…

4 days passed the money are still hostage of you.

Shameless, this is the only adjective i can use for your service