Discount, cash back etc while traveling


Looking at actual offers in Ireland it is sad. Especially if you are outside of Dublin. Even more frustrating is it that you have no offers when you are outside of Ireland.
It would be great if I could go to a restaurant/supermarket/store that cooperates with revolut and get a cash back there or an special offer that is only available to revolut users. But it looks like that you can only see offers from the country where you are registered.

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I completely get your point. Do you know “Rewards” are available in the Hub? :thinking: Yes, by tapping the “Rewards” icon, you can browse through your Rewards which will be divided into categories. :smiley: We recommend Rewards to people based on what we think they’ll love. For instance, if you have a gym subscription, we might recommend sportswear rewards.

Hope you will enjoy your rewards. :sunflower:

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Yes i know that the rewards are available, but they are only for online purchases. Not really something i do when being on holiday.

And yeah really ONLINE on the phone only! If i activate one of those rewards and i go to the shop on my laptop i won’t get the reward. And all the ones i looked up specifically say it is just for the online shop. So even if i would go to the local irish Curries (last time i checked you have them as a reward) store, i wouldn’t get anything. :frowning:

Again nothing to use while on a travel.

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So sorry to hear that @AssetBurned. :frowning_face:

We always try to provide those rewards which can be useful for our users. However, as you know we are constantly streamlining our products so stay tuned. :rocket:

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Yes this is a definite feature request as a metal subscriber. Why do I have to remember to “activate” these rewards? Why are they not automatically detected and rewarded by the revolut app with out me pressing a button first? It’s a clunky needless step in the process.

I’ve just missed out on a reward for a deliveroo order because of this unnecessary intervention thats required.

I would have submitted this in the feature request section long ago, but I don’t have enough posts for this forum to allow me to do that.

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Welcome to our community @gruser :wave:. Thank you for sharing your thought with us. Stay tuned. :rocket:

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