Have transferred a large amount of money into the account. It’s just stuck at pending. The help chat does not reply. I have apparently been passed to a limit increase team but no answer. I paid for premium membership but I can’t even get a simple response Can you please resolve?

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Hey Mubasher.

You have most likely gone over your yearly limit.

Did you verify your account fully before doing the transfer?

You have been transferred to the compliance team. They will have to do a manual verification and look at the provided documents to increase your limit. Sadly there is an unusual amount of requests currently which can increase the wait time. Also it is easter.

Thank you for the response but it is urgent. Can you please help me by reversing the transfer

Sorry, i do not work for Revolut i am just an active user on the community. You will have to wait or maybe @JessicaZ can speed it up.

However i will urge you to provide the documents they asked for already.

Here are some articles from the help centre regarding verification and increasing the yearly limit.



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Hi @mubasher. I’ve passed this on to our support team and an agent will contact you via chat shortly. Thanks for your patience!