Disappointed in Revolut’s Customer Service

Been a Revolut customer and Revolut company investor for years.

Yesterday I wanted to make a purchase from John Lewis.

I noticed that Revolut offer a 2% reward when purchasing from John Lewis.

I heading off to the rewards section of the Revolut app and clicked the link the purchase from John Lewis. Only a blank page opens, not the John Lewis website. I tried several times and it just doesn’t work. I asked friends with Revolut and the John Lewis link is broken. Other rewards work fine.

I made my £24.50 purchase directly from John Lewis using my Revolut card and contacted support who now tell me they will not honour my 49p reward because I didn’t use the non-working link in the app!


So much for a gesture of goodwill.

Really poor customer service Revolut.


so true, i have been undergoing verification process and for over 5 months and the CS team has been no help and just been sending me the same request everytime

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Unbelievable. Some 55 minutes on the chat with an agent and still not resolved one simple question!
It’s time to cancel Revolut and move to a banking system that responds quickly and has a means to TALK to a real person…
At the end of a very frustrating hour and 20 minutes he wants me to rate his services??? How less than zero does he think I can rate his response, completeness of messages, refusal to answer until I’d pointed out I’d asked the same question 3 times and then outright refusal to answer more than one question at a time. Is 8 minutes from my message to his reasonable???