Disappeared GBP transactions


Hi guys,

I complained a while ago (in January 2018) to a chat support agent that my GBP transactions for July, August, September and October (2017) had disappeared. I could see some transactions from June (2017) and it seemed fine from November (2017) onwards.

The response I got was that it’s a known bug and developers were working on it.

Two months have passed. Can I have an update on this please? I am raising it here and not in chat for visibility to others, transparency and to prod Revolut into action.

I am not sure whether I need to elaborate why missing transactions are a big problem? Certainly the promise of the new wave of online banks is that they are going to beat the old banks on transparency… and being able to see my transactions is the bare minimum functionality that has to exist for that claim to even be considered.

Seriously, the priority of this bug has to be bumped up and cool features and nice-to-haves have to be dropped until this is sorted.

Again no examples are needed why this is a problem (it’s self-explanatory and you can imagine a thousand), but I’ll share mine nonetheless.

I have a situation where my bank only allows me to send 250 pounds per day to a recipient. So I’ve been sending money to my Revolut account by this slow and laborious process, day after day, but not every day. In some periods it’s almost my morning ritual to send 250 pounds to myself, but my spending patterns vary, so sometimes I don’t need to do it, or I forget even though I planned. Plus, bank transfers don’t work on weekends. So I have situations where I receive 250 pounds one day, then the next day too, then nothing, then again I receive… you get the point.

When I don’t receive money I’m not quite sure whether it’s because I haven’t sent it the day before, or because it was weekend, or whether something else happened. And other things happen in life so I don’t really check every time. So every once in a while I need to take the list of sent transactions from my bank, and the list of received transactions from my Revolut account, put them side by side and manually reconcile them.

But I can’t do it! Because even though my old “superseded” traditional bank does provide me with a list of my transactions as far back as I want… my new “superseding” bank does not!

I think I am not asking the impossible here, and I have understanding for the company having priorities, etc. But this is basic functionality… seriously, crypto and the rest is great and cool, but this has to work first.

Can I (we?) have an update on the progress of this bug, please?