Disabling security options don't work correctly.


Hi there.
These days we are in Colombia. My wife are doing payments with card with option disabled (contact less and strip band), and the payments are processed. I detected it by chance.

All the payment on card are correct in both cards (me and her), but pay attention if you are using this option as a security measure.

However. Freeze card work fine.


Hey @valtf just a thought. Were these transactions online or offline authorized?

  • If offline, these security restrictions don’t matter much, since the POS terminal has no way to know.
  • If online, than that sucks :frowning:


local shops, supermarkets and others. You have right, but if you freeze it with same POS, the transaction is directly refused. So I understand that the POS has connection.


Never were in Columbia, but you had to use your PIN number or just sign the slip?


In all the transaction here, you need to insert the card at POS and pin