Disable Online Transactions


Hi all,

Might be a really simple/obvious question, but have fairly little experience doing credit card payments.

I have a Revolut card and usually have the online transactions option disabled. I only want to enable it when I have the actual intention to make an online payment, which was just now.

I just received a confirmation email from the company that my payment has been processed, I also received a notification on my phone from Revolut that the payment has been processed and I can see the amount paid deducted from my Revolut account.

Would it be safe to disable the online transactions again? I don’t want my order cancelled, and I don’t know if there are any checks after the payment have been processed that require the online transactions to be enabled.



Hey @Per :slight_smile:

Yes, it should be safe. Keep in mind a few companies (like Amazon) process the payment not when the order is made but when it’s shipped. However, if the charge has been made, it should be ok :wink:


Yep, the charge has been made. Should be fine then. Thanks for your quick response!