Director verification always failed

Please discover the reasons of director verification failure.
I’ve tried to upload documents for each of four directors.
And verification failed for several times.
Need your help ASAP.

Best regards,

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Hi @d.ostapuk !

Many factors could contribute to that fact, image quality being one of the most common ones.
The best solution would be to drop our support team a message over chat so we can guide you through the process seamlessly.


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Dear Rafael, good day,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, chat was unavailable at the moment.

I’ll try it again.

Have a nice day

Best regards,


  1. Chat is a poor means of data management. I want from you information that I can store.
  2. I want to provide information about the director structure.
    2.1 Who wants to use this information how?
    2.2 This information has been published e.g. here.
    2.3 You ask people to upload files.
    Continuous “downloads” and “uploads” are a poor method of data management. I can share data from Google Drive.
    2.4 I will upload in the meanwhile the page from my company’s articles of association on which the director structure is described.
  3. I represent a Romanian company. The Romanian Registrar of Companies has issued for my company documents only in the Romanian language. Discuss this topic as you find necessary!

I can’t seem to access my funds and every single document I provide is failed. I have open this account for business use. I can’t even make payments. The chat provided is not helpful, can some please help! This is quite urgent