Direct Deposit in USA not credited 2 days early as advertised!!!!!

I was excited to be a part of the new privileged customers in USA who were able to get local checking account attached to Revolut account. As it sounds good to get paid early up to 2 days, I gave my account details to my employer to set up a direct deposit. The first direct deposit went smooth like butter and was happy to get 4 days early credit (due to weekend and holidays). But, the second deposit has not yet been credited into my account even after I submitted the transfer confirmation from my employer. Though the customer service agent was polite in handling my case, she couldn’t resolve it immediately as she said that something went wrong at their end. Now I am waiting for them to resolve it so that I can get my funds into my Revolut account :scream:, as I don’t want to give up on Revolut easily.

I don’t see the reason for this post as its still “beta” and not officially launched so things can go wrong.

This post is a feedback on the current feature so that it can be addressed properly to provide all Revolut customers with a better service once it is officially launched.

Glad to update that the issue is resolved and deposit is credited today. Thanks Revolut :+1:

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I really hope that the next early credit will go smooth :wink:

I hope you have a backup ready for the moment Revolut comes up with the source of fund check which may leave you without access for days or even weeks.


You are right :+1:. I have now worked out on setting up 2 different bank accounts in case of Revolut having some unexpected issues. But what makes me stick with Revolut is its instant notifications and budgeting features.

Yes, make sure to have some backup fund when they are checking your source of income.
Especially so if they have issue with support chat, you will let out in the dark for some time… unless it will be updated for better in near future.

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Totally agree with you. Be prepared for all unprepared events.