Direct Deposit Form is available for USD accounts

With the latest update, you can download Direct Deposit Form :point_down:


@nomadus where do you see this?

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You can access from the notification bell on the home page. When you click this bell icon, it will take you to notifications page where you should see “Get paid 2 days early”. If you click this notification, it will take you to your account details from where you can download “View Direct Deposit Form” .

on the homepage? are we talking about business accounts?

I am talking about personal account👇🏾

@nomadus huh I don’t have this. Is it from the app itself? Are you a US citizen? Are you on iOS or Android? which version of the app you use?

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I use iOS app. If you are a US resident, you can get local bank account details. If not, try to check with customer service.

that’s the key here. Non-US citizens doesn’t get direct deposit :frowning: Do you get your own EUR bank account though?

This form is now easily accessible under account details

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Finally implemented this feature! Thanks for the heads up!

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Welcome. Understand it will be rolled out to wider customers slowly.