Direct Debits supported?!

Do my eyes deceive me? :o I am getting this message on my business account but I don’t see any announcements in the blogs, twitter, etc… if this is true, this is amazing! Once they’ve got this on personal revolut, I’ll be very happy!

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If my memory serves me right, this had been introduced for private accounts a year ago or so:

I think on personal Revolut it only supported SEPA Direct Debit and not GBP Direct Debit. Albeit, the screenshot above is not clear what direct debit scheme they are announcing as now working, I do notice the screenshot includes a GBP transaction.

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You are correct.


Transpires despite the advert and the screengrab showing GBP is supported, it isn’t. Not much from support either except “watch this space”, and a few awkward conversations with businesses I gave banking information to despite the advertising displayed within the revolut business account. Such a shame!