Direct debits and standing orders?


We had to delete your previous reply as it contains sensitive details :slight_smile: However, I’ve sent you a direct message.


Thanks for removing the email I sent. I was not aware that it was posted on the forum. I appreciate the assistance and have had good experience with Revolut Support.

I’ve successfully ordered a card to be delivered to sweden, so thanks for updating the website/card order process. It was £5.99.

I cannot find how to set up Direct Debits, but hope to get some help.

I would like to apply for a unique IBAN account please. How do i do that?

I have tried FreeAgent. It looks fine, however I’m sure we’re all aware there are much cheaper options for sole traders with relatively low incomes. A spreadsheet is a very functional alternative and doesn’t cost £19 per month. I’ll see how useful it is, but unless it can wash my dishes as well as its other functions, I think it’s a bit expensive.

thanks again



@gileshg I hope that my explanation via business chat was helpful!

If you have a company, you can do it directly from Account :arrow_right: Settings :arrow_right: Apply for unique IBANs.



Very interested in direct debits and standing orders also.

How can I do this with a UK business account?


unfortunately, revolut UK accounts are not fully capable yet, you can’t set up direct debits or schedule standing orders.

it’s a great second account