Digital nomad - many SIMs

I have been considering joining Revolut for some time, and finally decided to go ahead.

I am a digital nomad living in many countries (mainly in the Western World) throughout the year.

Whilst reading the forum, it came to my attention that the mobile phone number used to sign up with has some bearing to various functionalities, even if the number is subsequently changed to a different country all together.

As I have SIMs from various countries, could somebody shed some light on what is more convenient? I mean would using my Polish phone make any difference to using my Gibraltar one?

If there is any difference, does the same apply to the address where my card get sent to?


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As long as you have access to your SIM card at any given time, I think it doesn’t matter which one you use as your official number for Revolut. Just keep in mind they ask for a sms code when adding a new bank account to send money.
If you don’t want to deal with this, you might want to consider a virtual number (using the “onoff” app for example), prices start at around 4 euros per month I think. I do this with my high street bank, and some other services, it’s very handy.

For the address, you can give any postal address you want when doing the order, that’s because even if you’re on holiday they want you to be able to receive it :slight_smile:

Same situation.

So far I could register a philippino number.

With my bank I had Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, iraqi, Iranian, Georgian and philippino number within a year. All changed after a tweet.
But I can log in into my account with a physical token (like a small calculator), I just get SMS codes for 3D secure online payments.

I’m interested in this too. Don’t they set up the “base currency” depending on the mobile phone prefix you sign up with? And I thought that couldn’t be changed

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The base currency depends on your registered address in Revolut.
You can change it (= change country) as long as you have a proof of address for the new one. (bank statement, utility bill, etc)

Do they require proof of address only when you try to change the address? Or also when the account is opened?

Thanks quentinb! So, for example, I was reading that the base currency is based upon the number used to sign up - in my example earlier my Polish number would make my base EUR and my Gibraltar one would make it GBP.
Are you aware of any other differences?

Regarding the address, if I give a temporary one (currently couchsurfing), will Revolut ever send me anything else other than the card to that address?

Phone number is needed just to log in. You can even use Revolut on your tablet without any SIM.

They generally don’t ask for proof of address when you register, only copy of your ID + selfie.

Base currency is based on the country you use for registration, NOT the number.
If you don’t want any problem, I would suggest giving your real home address, which will be used for your base currency. They won’t send anything to this address.
Then when you order a card, you can choose a different address for delivery.

Well my problem is that “home” is nowhere at the moment. My parents live in a country where Revolut is not currently available, hence my question.

Say I use my couchsurfing address for the first card, will I then be able to change that address without proof of residency if the card ever gets lost or stolen?

When you want to get your card delivered to another address, you don’t need proof of address.
The reason is simple: you could be abroad on holidays :slight_smile: (or couch surfing :wink: )

When setting up a Revolut account, one needs an address that is within the EEA (Revolut is only available for EEA residents right now).

For verification, one needs sufficient proof of residency. That could be an ID that also has the address, or “just” proof of address for UK customers, or a non-EEA passport and a visa that states one has a proper residency status in any EEA country. The address used for ID verification will determine the base currency and availability of offers. Some things, like a loan, are only available in some markets.

This verification address will also be the billing address of a Revolut card. But it is not the shipping address for cards. So if one orders a replacement card, it could be shipped worldwide.

The verification address can be changed, of course. If one moves, support can update a customer’s profile. Same rules as for initial verification apply.

Just changed my account from the settings to japan. No problem :slight_smile:

Ipse here, I had to re-register as my account has been locked for the past 12 hours further my last attempt to post. I think I’m starting to get a flavour of the crappy customer service everybody is talking about…and this is just a community forum!

Anyway. Sorry guys, I don’t mean to be funny, but I think your responses are conflicting:

quentinb said:

But Frank said:

So which one is it?

What account? Your card delivery address? Or your home address?

The phone number registered with the account. That’s what’s about this topic :slight_smile:

Not necessary conflicting: passports and many ID cards have your address on it, by uploading this (mandatory for ID check), they won’t ask for any other document.

OK, I see what you mean. So, for example, uploading my passport (which doesn’t have any address on) won’t allow me to open an account. Correct?

If there is no address on your ID (and/or if your passport is outside of EEA), they will ask for a proof of address.

If I may, what country are you from? (just curious, as you don’t have address printed on your passport)