Difficulty Using Revolut Mastercard in the Netherlands

Back in November 2023, I reached out to Revolut support requesting a Maestro card, as I found it challenging to use my Mastercard for payments in Dutch stores. However, I was informed by Revolut support that Maestro cards are being phased out and replaced by Mastercard, which should work universally. Despite this reassurance, I’m still encountering difficulties using my Mastercard locally.

I recently contacted my traditional bank, Rabobank, and was surprised to find that they still issue Maestro cards. This has left me feeling frustrated, as I had assumed that the transition to Mastercard was universal across financial institutions.

Given the ongoing inconvenience and lack of clarity, I wanted to reach out to the Revolut community to share my experience and seek advice. Has anyone else faced similar challenges with their Revolut Mastercard in the Netherlands? And is there a possibility of obtaining a Maestro card from Revolut, considering the continued prevalence of Maestro acceptance in the country?


What issues are you facing?

Is it the fact the merchant you’re buying from doesn’t accept Mastercard? You need to take that up with them, as they will be aware and likely can accept; it just costs them more I think.

If the card isn’t working at all, then it’s a Revolut issue, otherwise a strong worded letter to each company you’re buying from explaining the lack of acceptance.


I am kind of curious about the details of Rabobank still issuing Maestro cards. Officially, they switched their “Betaalpas” debit cards to Visa/Mastercard Debit. Sure, there’s still information about Maestro on the website, but that could be just to provide product informations until cards are expired by the end of 2027.

Rabobank says that customers get a new card once the old expires. They might replace damaged Maestro cards that aren’t expired, maybe. In this case, they wouldn’t issue a new card number. Or are they really ignoring Mastercard here? It doesn’t seem there’s any official grace period for the switch in The Netherlands.


The issue seems to be that the majority of merchants, including the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, actually do not accept Mastercard, which poses a challenge for me as a Revolut user, given that my current card is a Mastercard. I use the card in South Korea without any issues, but in the Netherlands, I can hardly use it anywhere. One would think that banks should be phasing out and merchants should be transitioning to Mastercard. Apparently, only Revolut is taking such a meticulous approach.

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That’s correct. My Rabobank “betaalpas” was damaged, and oddly enough, I could only use it for contactless payments. I even inquired about the transition from Maestro to Mastercard, and I received this response: “We replace the Maestro cards at a natural moment, such as when the expiry date of the Maestro card is approaching or when a replacement card is requested, for example due to loss, theft, or a defective card.” I then asked if I could use the card at one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, but I didn’t receive a response, and the chat was closed. A few days later, I received a Maestro card nonetheless.


All Masestro cards that are currently in circulation will work until they eventually expire. That’s about 5 years from now. Sounds like Rabobank is able to replace cards until then in some cases. If you would open a new account with them today, you’re probably out of luck.

When banks replace cards, they have two options: replace the card with a new one, same card number but new validity date (and 3DS if applicable). Or reissue a new card with a new card number.

A simple replacement only can happen when the card was damaged or when it expires. When a card was lost, stolen or was compromised in any other way, the bank will never replace the card, it will always reissue it with a new number.

Revolut has never offered simple replacement cards as far as I know. When your Revolut card expires, you’re always ordering a new card with a new number.