Difficulty installing Revolut on Android.


i wanna to create account and became new happy user , but this is impossible
i got recomendation from several people for you, as very good service , but it looks that servis is using luck to work

have 2 phones and one tablet
on all 3 Devices after insterting phone number and choose pin i got message that i need to update First!!! what to update, app is not working at all, one of Devices are fully updated…

on sony xperia z5 compact - mobile is rooted, all google shit services removed because of tracking and privacy , app downloaded other way via manual apk download, android 6.x marshmallow , not updated in any way, most of updates will shorten battery life and make users unhappy, there is no any functionalyty fix , just spying fixes
on sony xperia z2 - android kitekat, latest updates installed , no more possibility to upgrade , phone yesteday reseted to factory defaults, apsolute virgin settings without any kind of restrictions, not rooted, same error, i try to put pin to unlock screen, didnt help, that device is almost new, was in use as spare phone for about 2 weeks in the past

and tablet, some vonino with 3g card, android 4.2.x latest update, same error

so what is wrong with your application, i cant understand that you have no desktop aplication like all other banking institutions …, and can make so buggy mobile app, i saw a lot of users on your forum with same errors in the past

what i should do do make this thing happy to work and can register ?

other thing is support, how to get support with inapp chat if app is not working at all ? calling england ? i can write pretty good, but speaking is not that good enough for quality conversations

please became serious Company and make desktop applications available , mobile phones can be stolen, can be lost, and usually keyboards are to small to write without errors

best regards

bojan aka zagor


Hey Bojan

Maybe you can try and use Nox App Player on a Desktop Computer, to see if the issue is because of your phone being rooted?



Where are you based?


ill try it on desktop later afternoon on my own computer (im in the office atm)
but, if you read carefully , xperia z2 is not rooted, it is in virgin factory state, with kitekat 4.4 updated as much possible (actually almost none, because sony is not offering updates for that phone anymore)
same xperia z2 was on fist few insallation attempt used for about 2 or 3 weeks few years ago as a replacement phone while my phone main was on repair
same xperia z2 is resetted yesterday, for jut in case situation, to make it 100% clean and virgin state, there is nothing installed, no conversation done, just sim card inserted and connected to wifi, same errors, same trouble
so other rooted devices should be not in problem with revoult application because of root

error is somewhere else , maybe on some permissions or android access to services, or some service missing (because phone have sony’s version)
it would be nice to someone write down what are minimum system requirements, what services are needed to run app, which versions are tested on which phones … it will save much trouble to many users
if someone in support care … it will be some movement, but reading this comunity forums, im not sure that will be some movement in quality , just promises



im in croatia,

network connections tested via vip (vodafone gsm network, and several other providers, via different links) , so we can say isp should be blaimed for blocking something

actually yesterday , later afternoon, i was in bar with one of colleagues who is using revolut app, and he succesfully connect his phone to his account, check state, while i was not able to pass choosing pin as new user
we both was using same wifi network in that time

one of ideas was to remove revolut app from his phone to try to make new installation, and apply for new acc, but we agree that this is to dangerous for him, if same thing happens on his phone, he will stay in very bad position without acces to his account and money



Hello henrikbjorn,

i try nox, same thing
please upgrade the app to the latest version to use this functionality

can not pass screen after i choose pin

but thnx for trying



Did you install the app from the Play Store? Or are you downloading some apk from the internet ?


hi Henrik Bjorn
apk was downloaded from playstore via https://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/
as many times before with some other apps i wanna see / try
it is not touched in any way, that is 100% safe site
i dont have gmail account or any other google account, and i will never have it, i have my own email domain and email server, google do not accept my email account because they cant read contens, i dont accept theirs privacy rules which actually do not exist . period.
i dont wanna serve them any information in any way , goverment can track me, its my goverment , gogle cant
because of that all google services are removed from my normal phone and tablet, and on firewall all outgoing connections to known google subnets are blocked, but as i mentioned earlier on xperia z2 , just for testing purpose, everithing is in virgin state without restrictions
google should have nothing with my banking, any info given to google in any way is a security risk and i will not give it by my will, it can only be stolen from me, relationship between me and my bank is between us,no private spy company should be informed in any way in my activity with banking. goverment is one thing, private spy corp is other thing. this is my point of view. most of people do not care but i do, i have nothing to hide from anyone, but it is matter of principle
please do not mention microsoft or apple, i do not wanna make a debate here.

because of that reason i ask for system requirements , to see, if banking software do not work without gmail address/google account, if they do not care for customer privacy … ill not use it

best regards



You are running 4.2? Revolut requires at least 4.3.

As for the other 6.0 device, you should try it on an untampered one. By having removed half of the default setup there is a good chance that important compontents are missing.


Well, if you try on a emulator like Nox Player, then you could see if it worked by installing it through the Play Store, and creating an Account. You could even create a one time email just to do this.

Downloading anything from a 3rd party site is always a risk.


hi Alessandro

u miss one importand thing, kitekat is 4.4 and on that phone nothing is removed, phone just do not have any setings included google account



i actually create dummy acount today in nox
installed app from play store
installation was allowed without a problem, but still not working, same error on pin screen

now some smart programer will ask if i verify my google account ? ofcourse i didnt because it was not needed to download and install app
and i dont actually need google account in my life

point is here that i do all i was asked to and silly banking application still do not work
this is serious security and privacy issues from developers, and no banking system in the world should force users to expose their private data to other companies, especially to google

all data bank need to know about me im willing to provide them, but google have nothing with that, neither apple or microsoft

whole situation is ridiculous from begining, with no support for normal computers, no system requirements, no support without app working, developers which dont know to code, and ofcourse forcing people to have banking app on their mobile phones - its too risky and for most people is just unnecesary risk which will make them sooner or later very very exposed to internet thieves and frauds

im giving up from this circus



What error do you get? Have you forgotten the pin code? Seems like you have gotten it installed and entered your phone number.


Alright, from what I understand you have three different devices but I would not expect it to work on the tablet or on the z5.

So it should only work on the z2 - assuming it really is an untampered device, only without an active google account.

Which error do you exactly get at which point? Can you post a screenshot?


dear allesandro
please start reading all dana provided and you will find answer :
after inserting pin when creating account error message cames which say something that update is required to use that feature, u have a lot of same error messages around your forum

i decide to give another chance to this sw and do it different way this time, created gmail account on Computer , some very Popular account, and use that acc on mobile to download app
guess what ? shit application this time worked

my next move was to remove Google account from z2 , and shit application still Works

now when acc is finally open i make installation via old apk downloaded different way from Internet apk download site, and surprise - revolut apk give me posibility to pass pin screen
that was on xperia z5compact (rooted , and all Google services removed) , later it complains that will not work without Google play but i really do not care for it, my intentions are not to use any shit banking on shitphone , if i will have oportunity to order physical card good, but it looks that i can not pay via paypal , so we have new problem, my credit card will not be exposed to some so called bank which rely on Google to work, and programers for which word SECURITY and PRIVACY is totaly UNKNOWN

its very hard to start working with you, i see plenty users are using your service, but im asking myself how many of them ever think about security and privacy

forcing users to Google is sitll silly thing



dear Henrikbjorn,

yes i managed to install app, registration is faulty part, at registration pin is something needed to be created, and application refuses it because it rely on something from gogle, dont Know on what exactly, but something which expose pin to some Google service to connect it with phone device
as i managed to install it and actually when i create gmail addres on desktop Computer i managed to properly create account, and guess what, now when account is created, now it not needed to have any of Google services on phone, now it is working even on z5compact on which was installed 7 days ago and didnt work (it complain later in menues that it need Google play installed but we will ses if that is true or just another bug)
it accept registration and pin created on different phone… which make me wondering why they are so much forcing Google
why Google must be involved in that proces at all ? what wana they collect from registration and banking transactions, there is nothing for them

few days ago i already make my coment on this banking, my intentions are just to get phisycal card and then remove everything from phone - phone is not secure for Money operations
but now i see paypal is not supported, they must be mad if they think ill ever expose other credit card to them via some shit mobile banking app .
my goal was to have card with restriction, to put Money on it when i wanna to spend online, and which will reject any transaction which will try to get Money and make my saldo negative (its hard to explain, but for example, one of my collegaus order some Antivirus licenses for his small Company online and pay with credit card, next year they automaticaly charge him for another anual subscription which he didnt want anymore, they actually steal him about 70 usd because he wasnt satisfied with that av software, and already changed to different one. he make a complaint to them but they refuse to give Money back because he didnt cancel subscription on time, he swear and i believe him that when he was ordering 1st time there was not mentioned that they will automatically charge for renewal - but now is to late, will see in about half year if he succesfully get rid of them or it will happened again - probably he will be forced to change his card) - this is just an example i wanna avoid to happen to me

thanx for help
best regards



Hey Zagor. Great that you got it working, even though it took some hoops. I can’t tell you why the App is relying on Google. That is a question for a :r: employee.

PayPal is not supported directly as a top up, but i have seen on the forums that you from inside PayPal can do a transfer to your Revolut account.

Revolut have a license that requires them to do a identity check. This is called a KYC (know your customer). Until you do this your limits will be low and there is a high risk of Revolut blocking your account. You can find more information here: https://www.revolut.com/terms. As far as i know this is a EU requirement and even my own bank requires this. So you can’t get around sending some sort of personal information to Revolut. However Revolut must protect your data according https://www.eugdpr.org/ when it takes effect.

Lastly. I will recomment you look at virtual visa cards. These are great for the use case you described. In that case you instantly get a VISA card in the app you can use for online transactions. Each have their own spending limit and you can name them to make it easier to manage.


hello Henrik

great info , i will check eletronic visa-s asap
thak you for your time and effort to make this silly banking working
as i mention before, i dont have anything against bank do check on me, that is relationship between me and bank, im just against Google and all services they provide and what they are doing in background, and go man when i see that bank is relaing on that kind of service.
just to point it one more time - revolut start working after i create gmail address, this is silly
collecting data about me, my habbits etc from 3rd Company, and give so called programmers, which have 1 day crash course about programming to make banking application make things very bad in start. now when i finally have account, im not sure if i will ever start to use it. i have strong doubt about security and privacy
grrp law which will start in april will change nothing, big Companies will do whatever they wanna do and law will change nothing against them. just small Companies will have a lot of presure and expense to follow that regulations. for example, Google or Microsoft will never stop spying their users , collect dana about them, with theit personal data or some hevily encripted key which will still provide exact way to personal dana , why ? because they Know they will never have real inspection by law forces to check if they follow the law or not.
the law is here for us , small people to think that we are protected, that our personal dana is not used , bla bla bla

than you one more time Henrik