Difficulties sending money to a bank account in Czechia


Hi there,

I recently started using Revolut since I live in several countries. Time to time I have to send money to bank accounts in Czechia/Czech Republic and it kind of annoys me the necessity to fill the acc nr. in IBAN format and BIC code for the bank instead of usual one. I’m certain the app can translate the usual format into whatever it needs (as I got to use an online app which transcribes me the usual format into IBAN and BIC).

Also, it is super annoying to fill out the address of the recipient - not everybody is cool with telling you where they live, right? :slight_smile:

Anything you can do about it? It would be truly appreciated!!

Warm rgrds,


According to the rules of the Czech National Bank, the national account number format for national CZK transfers is used. For all other cases, IBAN is used. Transferring any currency from Revolut to any Czech Bank is an international transfer. Otherwise, this may only be the case if Revolut offers local (Czech) personal account numbers in future.


Right. But I suppose implementing some tool which would convert the format could be really useful. So far I had to use this for every transaction - https://www.cnb.cz/cs/platebni_styk/iban/iban.html. And as you can see, it just rearranges the numbers from the Czech format to IBAN and BIC…

Also, is the address necessary? As far as I know, some fill in fake addresses just to pass this, so I would doubt if there’s any point in keeping it…


I understand the comfort of the user. But it is not reasonable to expect that for the convenience of one to a few customers, someone will implement the account number format converter. Especially when we know that each Czech account has always been allocated two numbers at the time of its establishment, namely the IBAN and the number in the old national format.