Different top-up limits based on the date of registration


My annual top-up limit was set to some EUR 15,000 (CZK 382,000) at the time of registering to Revolut a month ago.

But, all of my friends registering Revolut during late May were obtained by some CZK 720,000 (EUR 28,000) of limit at the time of registration to Revolut.

Why is such a difference there in these amounts?

All amounts were set right after the registering so that there is no reason to have different amounts of annual top-up limit among the users.


My assumption is they have some algorithm running in the background which ranks your credit standing based on some undisclosed factors/data points.


interesting idea, but in that case shouldn’t we see a credit search from Revolut on our credit reports?


Probably, possibly, I dont know :slight_smile:

Maybe it does not depend on personal data points but is related to name (yes, I remember reading a while ago rankings sometimes take the name into account), age, address, country, etc.


so as alessandro is easier to pronounce than alejandro you get a higher limit! fair enough :wink:

otoh maybe the default limit was 15k and then :r: increased it to 28k without updating old users. @AndreasK?


Easier? There is an entire additional consonant :hushed:

Could be. But yes, only the Revolut oracle can answer that, though knowing Andreas on such topics I’d be willing to bet he wont disclose details :sunglasses:


I thought you know the answer as it has been posted here too many times :slight_smile: It has nothing to do with the sign up date, why should it anyway?

Every account has different annual top up limits based on compliance risk assessment & checks that we have in place. Exactly the same logic as increasing the limits!


In response to me? I didnt mention sign up date anywhere :wink:

Which brings into question what sort of checks these are - as @alejandro.mery already pointed out - but I do realise that you wont share that information :slight_smile:


I was referring to “Different top-up limits based on the date of registration”!

Of course we cannot disclose the risk assessment and compliance checks we have in place for security reasons. Otherwise, what’s the point of having risk & compliance team. :thinking:


But Petr cant know that, having joined only four days ago.

In IT you’d call that security through obscurity :wink: but I do get your point.


some would call that transparency :wink:


You seem really keen to know about security protocols, why not applying for a compliance analyst at Revolut @alessandro! Will be nice to have you as a colleague.


The transparency of a service has nothing to do with compliance & risk checks that are in place for your own safety.


Sorry, but I see this as very weird. I have basically same age, town, employer as my colleague. He was awarded almost double top-up limit. All of my five friends got 28,000 EUR.

Me and my other friends registering Revolut sooner, were awarded only by 15,000 EUR.


Me, some 38 years, male, living in the capital city - 15,000 EUR of top-up limit.

My friend, some 40 years, living in the capital city - 28,000 EUR of top-up limit.

Almost no difference and except of address and date of birth, no other data are provided.

So I do not understand the difference, sorry.


maybe your colleague is more handsome


Bloody damn right, they will use some picture analysis on the selfies - now we know why they want them. Bloody future dating service :crazy_face: - thats what Revolut hides under offers


Everyone is beautiful in their own way :slight_smile:

Back to the topic, compliance checks and risk assessment, it’s a combinations of different factors. If you think about it, why Revolut would like to give different limits to users. It would much more convinient for us to provide all the the users with the same top up limit and believe me I would be so happy :slight_smile:


I still not get it.

Really, me and my friend are basically same age and city, using the similar type of iphone. Maybe, he is more handsome. And he has a dog.

But this is more or less the only difference between him and me. So I am wondering.


basically :r: will not tell you what difference did they see between you too, but you can apply to get the limit lifted all together