Different phone number

Can you please help. I cannot access my revolut app because I am abroad with a different phone number so cannot access the code that you send me to get into the app. Desperate to know what is in my account.

Hi, please contact the :r: team with your old/new phone number so they can locate your account and update the number. I tagged you in the other thread and explained how to send a PM to Andreas.


I have responded to your direct message :slight_smile:

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Hi Andreas

Can you transfer money from your revolut account to a bank account using an iban number??

Many thanks

You mean transfer funds to any bank account? Yes sure : )

To transfer any of our supported 23 currencies to a business or friend go to ‘Transfer’ on the app. Then, swipe left and select the (+) and choose ‘Another Person’ or ‘Business’. You will be prompted to select the country, currency, account details and address of the beneficiary.

Hi Andreas

Sorry to bother you. I managed to do the transfer so thank you but up to now today have had 9 identical emails to co firm the transfer. Is this normal procedure as it seems excessive.

Many thanks

Really sorry for such a bother Lucy.

We’ve identified and resolved this issue :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas, have new phone number after losing my old phone. Can’t access my account as it sends verification code to my old phone. Won’t be home for three weeks and really need to get into my account.



Toby, did you contact me on Facebook. I think we have sorted this,

Can you give me some help please

@anon33247966, The app crashed on my galaxy s10 so I had to reinstall it. Now I can’t log in and my account is blocked. (card is blocked)
How do I get back in to the app?
Its only giving me the option to sign up for free account, not log into existing account…
Please help, I need access to my money today.
Can you private message me?
Benjamin Hunt

Hi, I have a similar problem. Could you help me?

Hello. I have the same problem. Could you please help me? I dont have the phone nummber when i get the Revolut app. Now i want it whit new phone nummber but it says i have whit previous nummber

Hello, I cannot access the app through my french phone number. I get an error message saying « the phone number you entered is incorrect »…?
Thank you

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Hello, I have the same problem! Started after the last Revolut update.

Did you solve the problem?

No and no way to contact directly an operator from revolut…! Am stuck and have no answers from them, not very assuring for a an online bank…!

Hello! I have the same problem and II can’t use my account and restore it because the app won’t let me enter my old phone number. I can’t contact support either, because I can’t log in to my account.

@anon33247966 is a former Revolut employee, so not longer working for Revolut anymore, that’s why his account is anonymized.

This is a user community no Revolut support here.

Witam tez mam problem z numerem telefonu i meilem i nie moge sie zalogowac no i nie pamietam jaki to byl numer telefonu ani meil bo wrucilam z angli tez .