Different look of payments tab on iOS

Me and my wife have different appearance “look” of the tab Payments in the Revolut app.
We both are using iPhone 11 Pro with the latest iOS 13.3 and we have the latest app version 6.21. We have the same regional and language settings on the device, and with enabled access to contacts.
My look is the first one which is the “standard” as we know it. For any reason her look is different, the second picture. By her all the contacts are located under the button “New” in the upper right corner. In the main window you can see only three random of them.
We are not in any beta program. I tried to ask in the support chat but they couldn’t give me any answer. Any ideas?
*the names, phone numbers and pictures are on purposes blurred.

So in the software engineering trade we have something called A/B testing

Basically you show customer X version A and customer Y version B and see what the satisfaction is over the hundreds of customers you test on

I’d reckon this is probably just that

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Yes, I know. I thought this and ask the clerk in the chat, they assured me this is not the case.
However, the new look is not ergonomic because you have to make one more action to make a payment to Revolut contact.

For me, the Payments UI is changing from the old to the new and back every day. :man_shrugging:t2: I like both, so I don’t mind, I just don’t like that I see a different UI every time I log in.

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Hi @ML16 @Recchan thanks both for your valued feedback. correct, these are changes we’ve been testing with some users to ensure it s clear and easy to use. and as of yesterday we decided to roll it out for all users. enjoy :+1: much more to come in regards to the payments tab :wink:


I mean it’s clear for sure but I have to tap into an extra section anyways so I’ve been forgetting to do that and as a result picking the wrong one…

Would be a lot nicer if you could roll it back to asking us and not having 3 tabs


Hey @Recchan correct there are no longer tabs :+1:

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I like the new style :+1: you guys made a good choice on this one Pearce

Hi @resolut really valuable feedback there. we’ll be taking these into account on our next refinements. Just to note, the latest payments section does now extend in length as you make more payments. you other points will be included in larger items in coming releases :+1:

Any more feedback welcomed from anyone :pray::raised_hands:

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