Different languages?


Hi there!

First of all thank you Revolut for making my life easier with this card, I use it a lot and it’s never disappointed me.

I am now trying to get my parents to download the app and get the card as I think they would also benefit from it, however, they are a bit reticent as they don’t speak English and it is a bit daunting for them, they are worried they’ll press the wrong buttons, and I cannot be checking after them as we live in different countries.

I was wondering if there is an option to change the language on the app, and also on the website so they can have a read as well and understand everything for themselves.

If there is not said option, I believe lots of prospective customers would also benefit from it.

Thank you in advance,



HI @ClaraSori,

Thank you so much for your feedback - we’re looking into it.
Rest assured once we have more information we will announce.

p.s. what languages you would like to see?






Hi @AndreasK

Thank you for your reply, I will keep an eye for that announcement. Myself particularly I would like to see it in Spanish, as that is the only language my parents speak, but also think of the prospective customers not only in Spain…

Kind regards,



In my opinion, adding Portuguese, Spanish, French and Germany should cover pretty much all that is needed (thinking global wise).


I think anyone who has the time can help with translation in different languages, as long as there is a similar option in the app…


That’s great idea.

At the moment, we’re working on finishing off some awesome new features and our business accounts platform. Stay tuned for updates.


Let me know if I can help with Hungarian translation.


Italy will be a huge market. I can surely help with Italian.


Strange that I don’t see any activity on the localization efforts yet.


Hi, I am available to help translate into Portuguese.


Thank you @BlackSpirits, we’ll have it in mind :slight_smile:


Any news about Portuguese?


I am available for Czech translation. Please let me know when things are ready.