Difference in APY in different country accounts


I have noticed there is a difference in the APY of the saving accounts when it comes to my account and my father’s.
We both have metal accounts, but he is based in the US while I’m in Malta.

The difference is as follows:

  • Malta: 4.98% APY in USD and paid out daily.
  • US: 4.25% APY in USD and paid out monthly.

Could someone explain why such difference although the same metal accounts please?

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I’d look at who’s providing the accounts.

The interest depends on the type of account (saving account vs. money market funds) and on who’s providing the service, which third party might be involved. There are many differences between markets in which Revolut operates.

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Hello @Zakkinu :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. Your confusion about the different interest rates is understandable. :hugs:

Frank makes a good point, and I want to provide you with some essential FAQ links about interest rates. :arrow_double_down:

Hope this helps to clarify your concern. :sunflower:

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