Difference between Mastercard Debit and Maestro

I helped setting up a Revolut account for a friend yesterday and when ordering the card, with the free option she was given the choice of a Visa debit card (without chip apparently) and a Maestro card.

When I joined, there was only one kind of free card and I received a Mastercard Debit.

Are there any difference between these 2 and if yes, what are they?

Any pro’s and con’s for the current Visa and Maestro cards with the free tier?

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Hi. All cards have EMV chip (is mandatory).

I guess your friend is from Benelux or Germany. There you have the option of a Visa and maestro.

The problem is that visa and MasterCard are not accepted at merchants as they want only the Stone Age maestro that’s why, for some countries, revolut is giving this option.

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If you’re writing about pictures in the app- in my app virtual card doesn’t have a chip, physical- do have.

Maestro will work at local supermarkets and such while VISA won’t always work due to higher fees. I’d like to ask if the Maestro card is a full-creditcard like the VISA? I tried adding mine on PayPal without success.

Actually, we‘re both from Switzerland, but I got my Mastercard about 6 months ago, apparently they switched to Maestro since then.

Here in Switzerland, never had any problems getting Mastercard accepted. Don‘t know about Maestro though. Is Maestro even accepted in the US?

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The difference is that certain countries have different acceptance for each type of card. Depending on where you are choose the one that has the best acceptance there

Main practical difference is that Maestro is not usually considered as card which can be used in online purchases. Some sites may accept it, but typically Mastercard is far more superior in this regard.

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Nowadays fees are all the same as they are regulated. Also, all revolut cards are prepaid.

As for paypal, they all work there as far as I know and as far as my axperience goes

I‘m regularily using my Revolut Debit Mastercard with Paypal, works fine.

The Maestro card doesn’t work but a virtual Visa does. Problem solved :smile:

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Probably your Maestro isn’t accepted by PayPal because maestro isn’t a credit card but a debit card. Not a PayPal expert but you can either transfer money on your PayPal account or use link a credit card.

Don’t count on that. In Switzerland Maestro has lower fees for merchants than MasterCard or Visa. Due to that fact, not all shops will accept credit cards like MC/Visa but debit cards like Maestro.
Germany has in some regions similar acceptance situation.

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Maestro is basically unknown in the US and not widely accepted, if it is even accepted at all.

When I ordered Revolut, I received a Mastercard by default, my friend ordered a couple of month later and she was given the choice of either a Maestro or Visa card. She just chose Maestro, not thinking further about it.

When we were in Florida recently, she wanted to buy something and her card was rejected several times and we didn’t know why as she had enough money loaded on it. As the logos of both Maestro and MC look similiar, the merchant and us didn’t realize for a while what the problem might be until I noticed that Maestro was not on the sticker which showed the accepted cards.

Being a US company, Paypal doesn’t accept it neither.

So weird to accept MC and not accept Maestro (which is card from same company Mastercard). Banking system in US seems to be in dark ages still.