Difference between current exchange rate and historical rates


As I wanted to exchange RON to EUR, I have noticed that the current exchange rate differs from the historic rates (during the weekdays, not weekend). More specifically, I have watched the movement of the current exchange rate for a period of 2h and the historical rates over the same period of time. In this regard, I have noticed that the historical rates over the said 2h period were higher than the current exchange rate provided in that period (i.e. the RON/EUR current exchange rate at 8:30PM 19.04.2018 was 0.2144 and the historical rates chart presents a value of 0.2150 reached at 8:30PM).

Hope the above is clear. Please clarify these differences. Thank you in advance.

P.S. (I have tried to log out and subsequently log in to my account but the problem persists).

I have just checked. This fluctuates:

But the lowest and the highest are still the same

Yes, I know it fluctuates. What I was saying is that the current exchange rate is not equal to the rates presented in the historical charts at the same hour (i.e. see my example above - at 8:30 PM I was watching the current exchange rate which was 0.2144 and several minutes afterwards I checked the historical chart and it showed that at 8:30 PM the rate was 0.2150).

Hmmmm this value marked by me refreshes every a few seconds, historical data are in 10 min. intervals…

Yes. Also, as you noticed from the historic chart, the rates fluctuated today between 0.2146 to 0.2154, however I have checked the current exchange rate today several times and the rates barely passed 0.2146 in some instances.

There is such situation on my screenshot- “current” is lower than “the lowest”. I agree. This is strange. @AndreasK can you help?

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Any feedback on my query above? Thank you.