Didnt't get my Money



at the 27th of december 2017 I did the Top up with Bank Transfer. Unfortunately the money never transfered to my account. Is there en Email where I can send my payment info? or someone who could reach the Lloyds Bank?



I have the same issue. Top-up with bank transfer on the 3rd and the funds aren’t in yet. I also contacted support on revolut app and they said (yesterday) they’re looking into it. The problem hasn’t been solved yet. Maybe someone here can give us an answer.



My Problem got solved now thanks!


Hi there. Did you try to reach out our in-app support team?


Hi. Yes, i did. They say they’re working on this. For 3 days, and still saying this. I checked with my bank and all things are ok on my end. It’s been a week since the transfer was processed and it doesn’t seem quite right. what to do ? who can i contact? thanks


Have you sent a screenshot of your payment info? That’s how it worked out for me!


Yes i did. They said they would add that file to my case, nothing more.