Didnt get transfer after 8 days

I have send by sepa 5000pln from my polish account to revolut account after 8days i didnt get money, i would like to ask why ? 8 days its some joke. I dont know how to close account before pay for the serwice, chat support doesnt work no answer for few days!

Revolut looks great only for personal accounts but for business is dangerous!
for future customers imagine that you are transferring 50k or 500k pounds and didnt get money on time and support doesnt work you cant call theme support chat is like deadline, the situation is unacceptable but it is how its work

You did post before in the community forum, so I assume this wasn’t your first transfer and you typed “SEPA” by mistake and actually meant “SWIFT” did you?

In case that it indeed was your first transaction, did you make sure you send the PLN, via SWIFT, not SEPA, to the right (PLN) IBAN and added your reference number to it?

In any case, only the support of your bank and/or the support of Revolut can help you, not much the community can do here if you’re sure you did the transfer the right way.

It just catched my eye that you wrote “SEPA” here which may explain things if you really tried to send PLN via SEPA to Revolut. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work here, unless I’m mistaken myself, the FAQ only mentions SEPA for the personal EUR account at least and I cannot see any SEPA account in my PLN Tab in the app either: