Did not receive my salary...

I didn’t get paid either

Iam Have same problem now. Payroll tell me it’s all clear on ther side but I cant get a agent to live chat

I’m having the same issue as you as we speak, I normally get my pay around 3am. It’s now midday but still nothing and no response either

I’ve also been paid today with no money hitting my a cc 6 account all I got was that there’s a issue with the server we will be in touch… That took 4 hours the agent didn’t even bother to stay in chat…!!! Disgusting services 100%moving my money away from this shit services

Same here, been waiting for 4 days… Still nothing and support is saying they have no eta on when this issue will be fixed

I am have the same problem. Wages have always been paid ok every month. Today nothing has been paid and I am not getting any response from the in app chat I keep being forced to

The same here. When I tried to contact Revolut via chat I got this

SAME HERE , USING REVOLUT FOR OVER A YEAR BUT THIS MORNING I DIDN’T RECEIVED MY SALARY , my boss said he called the bank and they said the money were sent and received but not in my acc, , They began to steal our salary?

I’m having the same issue, I contacted my payroll, and checked my payslip and the money was sent, but in revolut there’s nothing, and I can’t get hold of any agent, I don’t even know what to do in this situation… this is so stressful

Why are you not replying to everyone and helping people out that have there money on hold today

Hello. How can I speak with someone revolut suppor

I received mine today. It hit my account at 0641 and took 15 min for review. Please take it up with the customer service. I faced this kind of delay for more than 3 months. Then I filed a complaint who got to the bottom of this issue. There was a mismatch with my name which was fixed by Revolut. Unless the exact problem is fixed, Revolut will continue to block the salary remittance. I understand it is completely frustrating.

It seems like a couple of things get mixed up here. The recent delay of GBP payments seems to be caused by technical problems with their 3rd party payment processor, handling local GBP transfers.

Seems that there was some technical issue which caused delay in payments.

I got salary , finally!

You have to do it on the app, go to a live chat and they will connect you to an agent but it might take hours…

I was connected with an agent on the revolut chat, and straight away my wage came through!

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