Did anyone use the Health Travel Insurance?



I will be in Thailand for 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone used the travel insurance from Revolut? I would also like to add one more companion. Do you think it’s safe or should I contract other policy? Did anyone had a claim with them? Are they honest? Is it possible to add companion just for this trip?

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Which country are you from?
For people living in Germany, for example, there are quite cheaper health travel insurances on the market.

The insurance will auto-pop in as soon as you are abroad, i. e. you will get billed as soon the Revolut App recognizes that you are outside your home country. Every time. (Capped at the maximum yearly fee.)

See terms and conditions here:

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I am from Romania. I know, here there are cheap insurances too but if I have it on my premium package, why not using it. :slight_smile:



Ah! You’re on Premium. I was unaware. (The document I linked was for the Standard account.)

Keep in mind that you might have a deductible with Revolut that you might not have with another insurer. (Depending on their respective offers, of course.)

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Hmmmm, I was in Austria for 3 days, used my REV card and nothing „popped“ up within the App…
Although I have the premium package I wasn‘t aware that I should be covered on this short trip… I‘ve just forgotten the travel insurance :thinking::wink:



The travel insurance has not activated despite being overseas and there is no manual way to do it. All support is “too busy” and contact numbers are for the insurers and not revolut. So I am not covered and cannot get cover activated