DIBS Defender

I have two problems that might be related:

  1. Contactless doesn’t work (it is enabled in the app and I have used the PIN at a POS) on DIBS card terminals.
  2. Some sites, e.g. my mobile operator, reject the card with explanation “Card rejected by DIBS Defender”.

It seems DIBS Defender is only reachable by merchants, and neither me nor the shop can do anything if the card’s contactless feature is reject at the POS.

I have yet to try the contactless feature at a non-DIBS card terminal.

Location: Denmark

Anyone with the same problem (or a solution to the problem)?

Revolut chat support seems to be overburdened at the moment, so I thought I’d ask here while I wait for ‘Rita’.

Contactless worked today from a non-DIBS terminal, so it seems I have to find out how to become friends with DIBS, if that is even possible…