Device Insurance

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I have a quick question. I was just now looking at the phone insurance and i saw this:

So my question is, if you drop liquid you have to pay £556 ? seems kinda expensive.

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Those are repair estimates. What you save by being covered. There is a small text a bit further down saying something about it being estimates from an apple store

These are repair estimates and based on prices charged by Apple Store Genius Bar for an iPhone X. :slight_smile:

Revolut device insurance is on average 50% cheaper than mobile network insurance plans available across Europe. We let you choose how you want to pay. Pay as little as £0.90 weekly, or save 13% by paying upfront for the whole year.

I really wish that device insurance were available in Norway as well

Thanks for the answer.

One more question, which European countries is it available on ?

Hello! I would like to get phone insurance for my Samsung S9+ purchased on 30.04.2018 from Belfast, Northern Ireland and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Does it matter that it was bought from Northern Ireland and I live in Romania?
  2. If I get Revolut premium, I get 20% off, but I her that there’s 16% off if I pay 1 year in advance. Are the 2 applicable together?
  3. I see that the insurance is only valid for one year. After 1 year can I renew it for another year?
  4. The regular excess amount is 35 euro. Lets say I crack the screen, I go to Samsung service, I replace the screen and then send invoice and 35 euro to get the full repair price, right? If it happens again, does the excess amount get higher?

Thank you!