Device insurance while traveling ?


So I just went through Revolut support who kindly sent me the Simplesurance Policy but could not reply to to all my questions. So I went through it but questions remain since I got a very specific case I believe :wink:.
I bought a smartphone while in China (Huawei Mate 10) and I’ll be travelling for 6 months in the US + Canada and I want my smartphone covered expressly for the purpose of my travel (I’ll be heavily rely on it as I’ll be travelling lightly). Questions in case for which a claim must be done (assuming I fall within the policy coverage of course) :

  • Only the Huawei Mate 10 PRO is sold in Europe. What happens if the decision is to change it for a new one (will they buy a new one or simply give the same amount as on the ticket)?
  • I read “The insurance is valid worldwide”. But what if the phone breaks while traveling ? Can I benefit a service - as in regular conditions - from the insurer and send it from the US then get a repaired/new one back to the US?

Thanks for any help !