Device Insurance Policy


I am looking for the device insurance policy and cannot find it. I don’t want to subscribe to an insurance before reading the policy (obviously…)
Could someone send me a link to it please?

Thanks a lot!

You can find your policy details in the Revolut app. Go to the ‘More’ tab on the main navigation bar, tap “Device insurance” and select “View policy”. You will also receive a confirmation email with your policy details once you have activated your insurance.

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Hello Povilas,

The policy inside the app is barely more than 5 lines long, I believe there must be a much detailed version of it, as this one is mostly a synthesis at best.
I cannot imagine having to opt into the insurance before being able to read what I am agreeing with (should be the other way around I think!)

Thanks a lot!

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The actual policy can be read only after you signup and get insurance which is a sucker punch if you ask me.

The policy is one page with phone IMEI and details like that. Had to signup to check what it is.

Hey there @Antoineh :slight_smile:

:r: is issuing the insurance policies through Simplesurance. The policy should be likely this one:

This is not official :warning:. I hope :r: will rectify this soon.

Thanks Povilas and Juliopp for your answers.
I had found that link aswell Juliopp, but I believe that Revolut could have special agreements modifying it a bit, and it’s hard to know what for sure without them confirming it…

The T&C can be downloaded (forwarded) from within the app before signing up. “Get now” asks for payment method, but before actually signing up, there is another screen with a link to the T&Cs. UX is a little bit confusing here, but there is access to the policy details this way.


I wonder if this insurance is any good.

Thank you gentlemen, I think I got all I needed to take my decision :wink:

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Hey @Antoineh & @Povilas

When we select our partners for new products, we have a careful process to ensure that we’re collaborating with the best innovative new companies around.

Simplesurance is trusted by over 300.000 people across Europe and is partnered with Allianz Cooperates - one of the world’s biggest insurance companies (

Their TrustPilot page - with only 6 reviews - is not an accurate representation of the service they provide.

They’ve also won a bunch of best-in-class industry awards :medal_sports:

I guess we will find out soon enough as Revolut users start using it, but my spider sense is rarely wrong.

Hey all,

I just looked for some more opinions on Simplesurance and they’re mostly bad with some exceptions.

All of them, however, share that the communicacion was terrible. Don’t take me wrong, but communication is, by far, :r:'s weakest point, with a poor customer support (yeah, let’s be honest. it’s quite bad for a bank, everyone knows). The last thing needed is a partner that fails miserably in the same aspect.

Also, you can find some different perspective on simplesurance through its (ex-)employees:

  • Communication is still poor from the management. […] Training is almost unheard of, unless you beg for it.
  • Company is apparently beyond founders’ capacity to manage. […] Total lack of leadership […]. Error/ complaint rate is horrendous […]. Feels currently like Rocket - another Berlin startups that is overhyped and undermanaged…
  • Hire&Fire policy
  • :warning: Decisions are always driven from the top management. Sometimes they get up in the morning with new ideas and push the team to implement it without further analysis and consideration. […] For an insurance company they are not happy with customers filing more claims for the insurance they bought so they try to reduce the number of claims filed as much as possible. If the customer is filing a claim for a theft insurance there is a very low probability that it will be honored. At the end of the day you would feel like not improving the lives of the customer but rather the lives of the top management :warning:
  • No sales strategy but still ask for lots of results. Partners don’t make money neither. […] Hell of a management. […] Toxic atmosphere. Customer support is badly managed
  • You are just a “resource” that needs to execute. Your ideas values nothing. Rudeness is present at every corner.

This is, let’s say… bad. Plain bad.
And, on top of that, the only 6 opinions found on :bird: Twitter seem to point the same way:

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Hey guys.

You will probably find this interesting. eKomi is like the Trustpilot of Germany where simplesurance have many thousands of reviews and they’re currently rated 4.8/5!

Check it out:


Andreas K.

No offence Andreas, but if the story at Bad experience with the revolut mobile insurance is only half true I’d rather stay clear from that company.

Could you please elaborate? The reason of updating this post is to make users aware that Revolut have carefully chosen this company to collaborate with.

Please check out the thread by @Crunch.

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We’re investigating this. Thank you for your attention.

I see no mention of theft or loss in this policy, only damage. So fair to presume it doesn’t cover those.

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Just tried to go through the process via app and it was indeed difficult to find (and save) the T&C of device insurance.
I’d reccomend that :r: team should fix the T&C accesibility and also provide the T&C together with IPID - Insurance Product Information Document (that should come from insurance company), otherwise in my personal opinion the process is not entirely compliant with IDD - Insurance Distribution Directive.