Deutsche Bank to Revolut - 15 days, money gone missing

Dear Revolut team.

I transferred Eur 1500/- to my cousins Revolut account on 9th May 2018 from the Deutsche Bank account. The amount has debited my account yet it has not reached his account and the support team have repeatedly said they cant find the funds. They keep asking for a MT103, which is a SWIFT message and not applicable under SEPA.
I have also provided them with the SEPA payment investigation details and still the money cannot be located.
My cousin is dependant on this money for daily expenses and has nowhere to turn to.
Can you please help some how?

Fastest way would be to either inquire in the in-app live chat, on :r:'s Twitter or Facebook.

The support team has not been able to help at all! They cant seem to find anything.
I saw that members of the Revolut community team helped lots of people out here.

@AndreasK Can you please help!!?

Have you contacted DB? They most likely know where the money is since they’re the ones who made the transfer.

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Please send me a direct message, with a little more info so that I can help.

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Hi Kristian here …

I have same problem … i waiting money from an company in Germany from friday last week till now nothing new in my accout …

Sender bank is Deutche Bank AG