Deutsche Bahn asking for proof of payment


I have recently transferred money (in euros) to DB after receiving an invoice for the purchase of a replacement BahnCard. I used the details stated in the invoice (IBAN, BIC, “payee’s bank”, “amount in Euro”, "invoice number"and “bahncard number”) when making the transfer. But DB say they have no record of the transaction. So I sent them a .pdf statement of the transaction downloaded using the Revolut app, along with a screenshot showing the details used. Today I got the following response from them (translated from German using Google translate):

“Your payment, we could not find on the basis of proof of payment sent to us.
We therefore ask you again to send us a suitable proof (bank statement) of your payment made. Please make sure that the data of the recipient and the client, the date and the full use can be found on your proof of payment. Send this evidence to the address of the web card service or e-mail to”

The .pdf gives very little information other than my name, address, recipient (“DB Bahn”) and the amount, which is why I sent them a screenshot as well.

I contacted Revolut support through the app but got no response. Your help with this would be appreciated.


I would try to contact support again first thing in the morning. When I make bank transfers from my Revolut wallet to my own current account, the name of the sender is:


with a Finnish IBAN and this BIC:



Hello @scardwel,

As I can see the transfer has been dispatched on 28/2/17. The transfer will appear in Currency Cloud name. Contact our support team so that we can provide a transfer confirmation.


I provided DB with a screenshot of the transfer confirmation on 14/4/17 but they have not responded. How do I go about getting my money back? (Chargeback?)


As I can an agent has sent you the transfer confirmation generated by our payment processor.