Details of my virtual card


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I still can’t use my virtual card. I still see stars - ******* instead number, date and cvv. User redi say that I didn’t verify my account yet. But I send photo of my ID and my selfie. Also, I made my first transaction of my physical card using PIN code. So how can I more verify myself?




Ok, You’ve sent the photo and selfie, but what is the status? You can see it in “verification and limits”


In my Profile/Verification and limits - there is only circle. Inside circle - amount of my money I transfer to my Revolut account and below my yearly limit. That’s all. Nothing more.


In Poland basic limit (before verification) is about 1000 PLN, after verification- about 60 000 PLN.
So if yours is more than, lets say, 4 000 EUR (or equivalent) it should be ok. BTW. have you verified your topup card?


Yea, I have yearly limit 60 000 PLN. If you ask about “topup card” - I think it’s verified card. The card is on list when I would like transfer money to Revolut.


Try to log out and then back in again. That might update the missing card details.


Maybe but there is warning, that during logout it will remove all my data. I don’t want it. Is there any other way?


after log in- all data will be restored


Yes, after log-in I can see detail of my virtual card. Thank you guys!