Details for bank transfers

I cant see on my revolute app Iban /swift bank details for bank transfers.
Do come with the CC on my adress or I need to make a request to get them ,maybe?

Tap the Top-up button then find “more top-up methods” and there you are Bank transfer

When I click “More top-up methods” and then “Bank transfer” I only see my GBP account and not my main EUR account. I have to go to More -> Profile -> Account details -> My currencies -> EUR. This makes absolutely no sense. I think this change came with the latest update. Please change/revert/fix this!

Just start from the EUR balance before tapping top up.

That does not work. Always the GBP account is shown.

I assume, you’ve got your EUR account already activated?

This is how it works for me:

Accounts screen shows GBP transactions. I tap top up. GBP is preselected. GBP account details for transfers are displayed.


Accounts screen shows EUR transactions. I tap top up. EUR is preselected. EUR account details for transfers are displayed.

(I am on iOS.)

Sure, I have my EUR account activated… otherwise I would not see it in More -> Profile -> Account details. I have EUR/GBP/NOK currency accounts… whatever I select and then click “Top up” -> “More top-up methods” -> Bank transfer the GBP account is displayed. I am on Android… Version 4.12.0. I am sure it worked before… so I assume it’s a bug… would be nice if Revolut could confirm and fix it… instead of telling me all is fine…