"Destination bank not available" when using IBAN transfer for top up


Hi @AndreasK,
I read a lot about issues using IBAN and BIC for bank transfers.
My spanish bank (CaixaBank) only asks for IBAN when you do SEPA transfers, so no BIC problems. However, it gives an error saying “Destination bank not available” when I try to proceed.
How can I transfer money to my Revolut account?
Thanks in advance for your kind help and time!

SEPA Transfers not allowed

My guess: Then it’s currently not working for you. Your IBAN includes the BIC, even if you do not enter it. It’s derived out of it and then your bank does a look up and checks with registries like SWIFT. So it is a BIC problem after all.


Good to know it! I will discuss with my bank trying to find an alternative.
Thanks @bastigruenwald for your clear and quick response!


Revolut has said to roll out new IBANs with GB country code by this week. So probably you can use them, when they arrive.

However, I would be careful and do testing first. Several customers (me included) have lost money with Revolut’s new IBAN because the money hasn’t arrived safely or sometimes has come back with fees charged. So don’t send too much money with your first transfer.

In the meantime, you can find an alternative way to top up via SEPA in this thread, posted by Frank:


You always say ‘deprived’ when I think you mean 'derived. ‘Deleived’ means something completely different.


Thanks, edited it.
Not a native speaker and I possibly mixed up my vocabulary.