desktop version

My phone is out of order at the moment. Does revolut have a desktop version ?
can i recharge my account without my phone ?


Hi there,

Revolut does not have a desktop version yet, BUT you can use an android emulator on your desktop, and can access your account. ( you will still need the phone number in order to get it working though)

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Bank top up if you have setup Iban account or by friends sending you.

Hi @markthehipster,

Do you know if there is a desktop/web app currently on the Revolut road map?

Revolut didn’t share its roadmap. We don’t know whether or when we’ll have a web version.

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If I knew I probably wouldnt be allowed to say anything because of NDA :joy: but with that said, Revolut never shared a roadmap unfortunately :frowning:

I think there is an API for Business – or at least something like that.

It is a common request and I hope it’s in the making for Free/Premium/Metal.


That’s unfortunate :confused:

Any way I can rasie a feature request to Revolut or something? I see plenty of limitations in having to rely on a smartphone + working phone number to access my bank accounts.

Desktop / web version would make it much easier to handle certain tasks (like paying bills), so I really hope that’s included in Revolut’s current roadmap. Copying bill reference numbers etc, with the mobile app is tedious. Here in Finland banks already support electronic billing, and that is something Revolut also needs to embrace if they want to be competitive against the old established banks.


I agree with you. N26 also has a web version!

Maybe I am old school but I am really missing the Web/Desktop access! I’d would very much appreciate to have it.


Come on guys. We need a desktop version please. Weswap which is more basic has the desktop version which is very useful.

Tell me about it, this is banking, not social media. Transferwise have got one.

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Found a good solution. Download bluestacks emulator. Log into your Google and download revolut app on your desktop software. Works really well.

Go an use an emulator for android, ofc if your computer can hold it. I used to have issues on MAC but on windows i can run it quite nice, there are also more than a couple of bugs but you will be able to use it for sure.