Desktop access - Non business users

Is there any plans to roll out Revolut desktop access to non business users?

I think it would be a great addition. As much as I like using my phone, having access on the desktop would be cool! :desktop_computer:


Providing desktop login should not be much of problem since they already have the basic infrastructure in place.
I wonder what’s stopping them from doing so…

In India there was this digital bank named “digibank” by Developmental Bank of Singapore that started out only as a “app bank”. But just a month ago, they realised the convenience of desktop and introduced internet banking as well.

Also, Internet banking helps to compete with more traditional banks who rule the space. Fingers crossed @RevolutStaff !

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on the same light, business users don’t have mobile friendly interface at all… is barely usable on a phone and that is after telling your browser to pretend to be a desktop.


Exactly @alejandro.mery. You are so very right.

Now imagine that @Revolut, having already got an edge in the mobile space (where all the action is), also beats it’s competition in the desktop space.
It’s like “Killing two birds with one stone.”

Always striving for more and killing the competition.
Revolut is the Revolution! :wink:

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imo revolut has grown too fast and leave too many rough edges behind to be able to kill anything.


@alejandro.mery Growing too fast is akin to an ambitious startup environment that will give you huge returns in the future. The world is dynamic, things are fast paced and scenarios are changing real-time.
Nowadays, “Slow and Steady DOES NOT wins the Race.”

If I have a dollar to play with, I will bet it on Revolut! :wink:

sure, I get that. but leaving everything half baked and silently refusing to address the issues left behind is not encouraging.

Hey! Does anybody know if the desktop version is in progress? I would appreciate being able to use my computer.

The Anonymous

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Desktop is a must. I have a personal account, but I still pay lots of bills every month and online banking does involve a fair bit of typing, rather than clicking, and I find typing on a phone quite laborious. Quite happy to have the mobile phone next to me for security codes etc.

It is such a must that if another multi-currency challenger bank appears with a desktop offering, I will move.


transferwise? :wink:

I was hoping they had one already, I was looking for one. Went to the business tab and then saw a login button. I went back and was like :roll_eyes:

I was going to suggest this too. If you lose your phone and wallet, which could happen in a robbery. It would be great to log in and lock your cards/account.

Adding my support vote to the void… since it has not been added since 2017 :frowning:

Hi, has there been any update on this?
I was able to use the Desktop (web app) last month including transferring money, but this month I’m only allowed to check my balance. All major banks have online banking functionality.
My phone OS no longer supports the app, which means I effectively can’t use my Revolut account anymore. I’m very disappointed.

In the past, Android emulators were an option to run the Android app on a desktop computer. That might be worth a try.

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