Depositing in AUD CNY etc into Revolut


If your currency is included as one that has a currency account, then it is possible to send currency directly to your currency account, via bank transfer.

See the list for the 26 currencies currently available as part of Revolut’s currency account offerings.

However: Keep in mind that it is not a personalised IBAN account. It is currently centralised, and as such, you will need to enter in Revolut’s IBAN details, with the reference number directing the sum sent to be deposited to your account.

This means that at the current moment, it is only possible for you (and you alone) to top-up/deposit currency via the non-personalised IBAN accounts. Any transfers directed to your account from a third-party sender will be returned, minus a processing fee.

At the current moment, the only method available for third-party top-ups are:

-1. Any currency: Revolut’s peer-to-peer payments feature.
-2. GBP-only: UK current account.
-3. EUR-only: Personalised EUR account.

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