Depositing EUR in Coinbase or Kraken


Morning all
I wish to buy bitcoin to then go and buy another crypto, but I am finding it difficult to fund either coinbase, GDAX or Kraken with Revolut in EUROS. I live in the UK. Can anybody help?


Hey Worsteve

This is one of the most asked questions. What you do is add EUR account and enable your personal IBAN. When you have done that then add Coinbase/Kraken as a beneficiary and do a bank transfer. Don’t forget to add your reference number from Coinbase.


Hi Henrikbjorn
apologies as I am new to this. So when you say add EUR account and enable personal IBAN, do you mean add the EUR account to Revolut? I have a UK based bank account which banks in GBP you see. Does this make sense? Thanks for the immediate response as well by the way :grin:


Your Revolut account can hold many currencies such as GBP, USD or EUR. GBP is your base currency. On the accounts tab in the top left corner, click that icon, then “Add account”, then scroll down to EUR and add it. Then you will have a list of GBP and EUR. Click on EUR and at the bottom of this screen click the pink activate button.

More information here:

Also go through the in order to learn how Revolut works.


Henrkibjorn…Awesome. Thanks very much for your superb help!