deposit/withdraw to/from crypto wallets

when will it be possible to withdraw/ deposit/ make payments to other crypto wallets like you can with all fiat currencies on revolut. is this something you are looking to introduce in the future?


yes will be a good idea to give us the chance to import our crypto in our revolut account, and in case to you them for any payments, where revolut will do the same job when we pay in currency money…there is chance to add this feature to our wallet?

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any idea when it will be possible for EU users to withdraw their crypto to an external wallet?

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Think that will take some time as it is quite complex due to anti money laundering rules and checks, which vary per EU country I think as well as for Revolut.

would be great to get a rough timeline.
or a work-around?

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There’s no timeline. Revolut has not indicated if or when they might offer this (as far as I am aware). It’s rare that Revolut makes public statements about future product developments. And when they do on social media for example, there’s usually no reliable ETA. There’s also no workaround, except maybe transferring to a UK customer who then would be able to withdraw to an external wallet.


After the FTX saga, being able to send to a cold wallet should be a mandatory function!!

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I agree!!! :r: should act fast on this. It would constitute a very nice PR move too.

Surely this will enforced anyway when crypto regulations come into force across UK/EU (whenever) that will happen.

Until Revolut allows keys to be sent to cold wallet, I can’t see how customers can feel comfortable buying Bitcoin from them.

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