Deposit not refunded!!


Hi, I used my revolut card to pay for a deposit for a car rental. I contacted the car company today and they said they cancelled the deposit. I can see indeed that the deposit is shown as “reverted” on my Revolut account except that my balance has not changed! So I did not receive the money. When I contacted the help team, they told me it got reverted and everything was in order. Completely useless! My deposit was £300 and my account is showing +£90. If the deposit had really been returned, then it means that my revolut balance was negative by 210£ for one month and we all know that’s not possible. Anyone has experienced that issue before? How did you get your money back?


Hey @Incitae :slight_smile:

In some cases, the balance took some hours to reflect the change in my case :wink:
Did the cancellation just take place?


Have you tried logging out and then back in again?


@Juliopp, the cancellation happened 5 hours ago.
And the guy from the help team kept telling me that my balance (of £90) was correct; this is was annoyed me. I looked online and it seems that it is a recurrent issue with Revolut.
@Frank, yes I spent 5 hours logging out and back in :slight_smile: but no success there.


Hi there. This is not a bug. This transactions was reverted on the 1st of April and it seems you have spent the money.