Deposit money (barzahlen)

Hey, I think it would be a good idea for Revolut to partner up with,

Barzahlen is partner with most major drug and supermarkets in Germany, including big names such as dm, rewe, edeka and much more

They are also partners with places in Austria such as BILLA

Barzahlen allows you to deposit money in your card by just going to a cashier and showing them a barcode and simply paying! You can also withdraw money that way.


Similar case for Twyp app by ING Direct in Spain, the cashier scans the barcode in the app and you get your money, without fees. In addition to payments, of course.


Yes I love it as a tourist in the Eurozone. Just go to a local store before the border and have them insert all money in my account.

N26 does not offer this for all customers. However, Bunq offers it for all customers as long as you are in Germany, Austria, Italy, and (expansion rumors) soon Switzerland. I prefer Bunq’s implementation with geolocation rather than N26’s resident requirements.