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I work with the Bitfinex cryptocurrency broker, and I make my profits in EUR. But to transfer my money to Revolut, my exchange requires that the recipient account be registered on my name. However, the recipient account is in the name of Revolut LTD. How can I solve this, because the bank account is not really mine, correct?

If you are transferring EURO out then you should be able to have Bitfinix do a SEPA transfer. Then the account will be in your name etc. Just remember to activate your personal EURO account first.

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Cool, so I can activate a personal EUR account in the Revolut application. I mean, would the bill be in my name?

Yes. If you activate your EURO Personal Account the beneficiary is you and there for in your name. Remember it only works for SEPA transfers (local transfers inside et european union).

I live in Brazil but I am going to Portugal next month and I would like to know if it is possible to open my account before arriving in Europe, however I do not yet have a phone number to get the application downloaded. How can I solve this problem?