deposit in pound or euros to get a virtual card in euros?


how much do I need to have if I wan to have some euros in my virtual card?

I’m in a euro countries. DO I have to top-upp 10 pounds first?
or is it going to be in euros?

thank you


Hello @n000b,

Not really sure if I completely understand your query.

  1. In order to get a Rev card, you will need to top up your account at least 10£ or 10Euros, depends what’s your base currency.

  2. If you’re travelling, you’ll need to get a physical card as virtual cards are only for online payments.

  3. If you already have a physical card for your physical payments, there’s no need to exchange beforehand, as your card will auto convert your balance to the local currency you’re spending in using our exchange rate.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


ok thank you, you answered my unclear question