deposit for online betting

I tried to make an online deposit site with mas MasterCard revolut.
I put the number on the card and I put the CVV.
It is always saying that it was not fulfilled because the CVV is not correct.
There are some properties to activate?

Hey Pucasman.

Have you activated the card by doing a transaction with the chip and pin? If yes, then it might be because Revolut unfortunately does not work with some merchants and betting sites might be one of them.

Instead you can do a bank transfer if the site allows deposits this way.

Hi @pucasman, check the FAQ. THere are some restrictions on using Revolut for online dating, gambling and such services.

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Hi @expatier, where are the restrictions that you are speaking about? I can’t find them and I was having the same problem on betting sites.
Tyvm!! :slight_smile:

Hey, I am sorry, but it seems they have revamped the FAQ and removed the “help article”, which eas previously called “What is not supported with Revolut?” and that article included some non-supported transactions or merchants with a low limit of spending, such as online betting/gambling, online dating, sex/porn webites etc.

Check this too:

They also seem to have changed T&Cs. I vaguely remember having read it there as well. Might be related to becoming their own card issuer? Maybe the initial problem is a different one?