Denmark bank payment to Revolut GBP account Delay - SOLVED

Had my employer pay from their Denmark bank account into my GBP Revolut account on June 23th (CORRECTION: 25th), and it has still not been received into my Revolut GBP account.

All information was correctly inputted by my employer (SWIFT payment with my unique reference code).

Is there any potential reason that this payment will be rejected and sent back to my employer’s Denmark account? Or is it 99% most likely that it’s just delayed and the money will arrive in my Revolut GBP account shortly?

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Some banks only process SWIFT payments on weekdays; as the 23rd was a Saturday that could be part of the delay.

Thanks for the feedback, mate.

My mistake actually – it was this Monday past, which was the 25th. So today is the “4th business day”. Hopefully it will be received into my Revolut GBP account before EOD today.

If it is not – can anyone anticipate any other reasons that this payment will be rejected/unsuccessful?

Importantly – if unsuccessful, will the payment simply be sent back to my employer’s Denmark bank account, without any issues? So I can just then have it paid into my non-Revolut UK account?

Still not received it. Been 6 business days now.

Anyone have any insight? I know everyone says this but – it’s a lot of money I’m waiting on.

Lot of money? Is your account verified? Have you checked your top-up limit? Have you talked to in-app chat support yet?

Account fully verified. Top up limit much larger than this payment I’m waiting for. Talking to in app support requires I pay £72 for a year of Revolut Premium (cannot just buy month to month - see screenshot).

I don’t require any of the premium features, other than to talk to support to get this issue resolved, which would suck to have to pay £72 for (since I’d not need premium for the entire rest of the year hereafter).

Still not received this payment…

You should be able to contact in app support even as standard user. More -> Help -> Chat to us.
Other options: contact Revolut via Twitter or Facebook (RevolutApp) or send a direct message to Revolut employees (e.g @anon33247966) here.

Besides of that you can cancel premium monthly plan for a fee … it’s all in the help section.

Hi there. Support is free for every user. Please go More -> Help and contact us. You will to provide the bank transfer confirmation so that we can be able to locate this transfer. I believe the transfer was sent without a reference number.

Thanks for that clarification, Andreas.

Spoke with support and they indeed asked for the transfer confirmation from the sender.

I have just received this info and have sent it to support (5 hour+ wait time…)

However, I can see on the transfer confirmation that the correct reference number was definitely sent on it. Therefore I do not know why the transfer has failed.

Have still not received the payment, and just confirmed with the sender that the transfer has not bounced back to their account. So it’s still just somewhere right now…

Was told my wait time is “approximately 4 hours” and that support will “be with me shortly”…

13+ hours and still not a single reply from support.

That is shocking.

Issue resolved.

The money was sitting with Revolut and they did not get the reference number in the “correct transfer description” in the transfer confirmation details.

The reference number is clearly stated in the transfer description, but apparently the sender did not put that number in the right “field” when entering the details. I have no idea what the correct field would have been, since looking at the confirmation details it looks like the reference was put exactly where it needs to be put…Oh well.

Thanks for all your help here guys. Will have to figure out a way in future to be sure the sender puts the reference number in the absolute correct field in future.