Have noticed in france sometimes card is declined on pay machines , on others accepted - any ideas why?

Hey @Drncraig :slight_smile:

Any specific error? Does the declined transaction show on the :r: app? Contactless or chip?
Keep in mind :r: cards won’t normally work on offline terminals.

When it declined at a petrol pump i got an app note saying they arent supported - @ a train station kiosk for tickets the machine said delined nothing on app

Hey @Drncraig :slight_smile:

Please, check this post:

Also, I’m unsure about what might have happened at the kiosk. Did you use contactless, chip or the magnetic strip?

Unmanned petrol stations (you can still pay inside) or motorway tolls are not supported.

When did you try to make a payment for the tickets?

Weirdly the motorway tolls it works fine - insert the card and goes fine, at petrol station i did just go inside and pay - worked fine, at metro station i was buying metro tickets using chip and pin - denied x3 …used my tsb card in the end which was accepted…,dont get it